Noah Shrader

About Noah

I’m a husband, dad of three, and product designer living in Florida. Currently Co-founder and CCO at Devotion City. Previously Head of Design at StreamYard and designer at Automattic. I’m driven to build products and experiences that delight and create opportunity for people and businesses, at scale.

I’ve worked in agencies, startups, and organizations of all sizes, working on both small and large cross-functional teams. While my roles have been mostly execution-focused, I’ve also served as team lead, manager, and department head. I’ve founded 4 businesses: one acquired, one 8 years running and profitable, one that’s made over $55m for the kids of St. Jude, and one currently securing investment.

Professionally, my aim is to bridge human needs with business strategy in support of developing products that people love. For everything I do, I’m a passionate thinker and doer, driven by making an impact and shaping deeply meaningful experiences for people. I always strive to perform at my best while consistently measuring, optimizing, and improving myself.


Success requires failure

Growth comes from learning, which is developed through failure. Failures are just outcomes that open up opportunities for success.

Happiness requires problems

Happiness comes from solving problems well, not from an absence of them.

Curiosity over judgment

Quality of knowledge determines the quality of life. Judgment builds walls and divides, while curiosity builds bridges and deeper understanding.

Giving over gaining

Life’s purpose is to grow, grow others, and grow the world. Constructive energy fuels growth and is a force of attraction that yields increasing returns.

Thriving over surviving

Expanding capability and achieving the ultimate self requires a continuous drive to aim high, set new standards, and never settle for less.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been motivated to create, and infatuated with great experiences. I remember designing my own pretend restaurants and menus, imagining the perfect dining experience. Same for storefronts, classrooms (with my own tests, worksheets, and workbooks) and any other ventures I could engage from my bedroom and my old Packard Bell PC and printer. On vacations, especially at places like Universal Studios, I was always far more enthralled with the immersive experiences over the attractions.

This creative energy and love for shaping experiences for people ultimately channeled into more sophisticated pursuits like writing books, composing music, performing in film/theatre, and one of my favorites to this day: designing digital spaces.

I eventually decided on a direction, got a scholarship in music, and graduated university with a degree in music. I taught it in the schools for a couple of years before feeling the urge to re-engage my passion for digital design, which has now become my ultimate career path. I began working in various agencies (I even founded my own) and then moved into tech startups, which has been my reality and love for the past few years. I enjoy building things up and watching them (hopefully) gradually become more successful. Currently, I’m working on two of my own.

Back in college, Kristy (my wife) and I became reacquainted after having done a few classes together in high school but never speaking to each other. I learned what it truly means to find your other half. Since then, she’s been my best friend and biggest supporter through every adventure. We’ve expanded our family not once, but twice (doubling our last with twins), and now live in Florida where you can find us near a lake, beach, or theme park.

Outside of professional and family activities, I enjoy Olympic-style recurve archery. I find it a very challenging and focused sport. I read a lot of books, mostly around design/product, business, psychology, and philosophy. I’m also an avid outdoorsman and beachgoer.

Meditation and reflection are very important practices that I schedule every day, week, month and year. Annually, I host a two-day personal retreat (one day for person; one day for professional) to reflect and plan for the coming year.

Giving Back

I’m always looking to chat, support, and work with great people. Please feel to book a call with me or drop me a message. I’d love to meet you! Here are some other helpful links:

What they said...

I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the best people in the industry. Occasionally, they share their feedback about working with me.

Kudos to Noah for really taking charge of the Global Styles designs. I'm certain his ambitions and imagination will result in meaningful experiences for contributors and users of Gutenberg.

Noah goes above and beyond to ensure everyone on our team has a voice. He leads by example and provides support without micromanaging. He's created an incredible working environment and champions progression. How all leaders should be.

Noah leads our way into success, either by preparing the roadmap ahead, promoting a great collaboration environment, or by identifying and researching potential product gaps.

As a designer Noah always uses empathy as a key part of his design work, leadership techniques and feedback/reviews. Not only does he empathise with our customers but also with his colleagues. He leads by example and is just an all-round wonderful person.

Noah is always multiple steps ahead. He has projects and features planned out before anyone else. He's always the first to adopt new tools that support both the team and the business.

Always puts his team before himself as a manager. Has literally never had an ego about anything and makes everyone feel like they have a voice -- at the company and with the product.