Noah Shrader - Product Designer and Developer with a focus on User Interaction and Experience.

A little about me

I'm a published, award-winning product designer and developer. I'm driven by crafting delightful, interactive experiences built with intention and a focus on the end user. I'm Co-founder and Chief Creative at a boutique digital marketing agency in Memphis, Neon Canvas. I'm also a UI designer and developer for Infiniscene. I've worked with a long list of amazing clients both locally and internationally over the years. I write and speak occasionally.

UI Design

The impact of an experience isn't determined by the experience itself, but rather by our reaction and interpretation of it. This is why a well-designed interface is so important- it's how users come to learn and care about you. Your interface is your product.

User Experience

While experience isn't something that can be designed per se, as creatives we are influencers - we alter state and emotion through our work. Researching and understanding the nature and needs of our users allows us to effectively shape their journies into positive experiences.

PK Radio - A simple online broadcast for fans of Earthbound.

A while ago, I came across the Earthbound franchise from Nintendo and immediately fell in love. Along with its unique character and storylines are its simple, yet deeply moving soundtracks. After months of searching for the best covers and remixes of the original tracks, I built a 24/7 broadcast in hopes listeners experience the same joy I do from these melodies.


Creator & Designer

PK Radio

Tagtician - A simple, intuitive tag management companion.

It's not everyday you get to work with one of the more brilliant minds in analytics. I was approached by a good friend and well-known analyst about creating a simple, elegant solution to a complex practice of managing website tags. In partnership with the highly-regarded analytics agency, 33 Sticks, our team continues to redefine the experience of managing tag implementations.


UI Designer & User Experience

Pullr - The all-in-one fundraising and alert platform for broadcasters.

It began as one simple script on Github. Roughly a year after that commit and much research into the problems of this space, it evolved quickly into a highly-regarded platform and company of eight. Pullr provided broadcasters a clean, well-thought-out medium for raising personal and charitable funds, as well as access to a fully-featured interface for showing alerts and other assets on stream. The experience from top to bottom was second-to-none, and continues to be a standard in the current landscape.


Founder, Product Owner & UI Designer


Always considering a new project or venture.

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